Why acupuncture doesn’t work for someone?

“In my treatment room, you see all different types of patients. We work so carefully with our patients and see progress.  Then, they relapse. Why is this so? It leaves us scratching our heads until we realize what is going on,” says Dr Zhou.

We give them suggestions for diet and exercise plans. They start well, see the benefits and then think: What harm will it do if I cheat one day? Then that slides into two, then three days, undoing all the good work. They also slide off the exercise programs because it’s cold, windy, or too hot, or they have other things to do. There are dozens of excuses. Remember, you need to be alive to enjoy life!

Dr Zhou is emphatic when she says, “Patients must understand that they are at least 50% responsible for their recovery. The patient should work as hard as the acupuncturist to have a successful outcome. They must follow lifestyle suggestions to ensure a happier and healthier future. It’s not a quick fix. Don’t think you can go on a specific diet for three months, then go back to junk food. No! You need to adapt to live a long and healthy life.”

“It leaves us, as professional acupuncture doctors, feeling frustrated when we put so much effort into designing a healthy eating plan, making suggestions for exercise and lifestyle changes, and then the patient ignores the advice because they are no longer in acute pain and think it won’t hurt to go back to their old ways,” she adds.

So why doesn’t acupuncture work? Acupuncture works, but the patient also should expect to make those lifestyle changes that they know they should be making regardless.

Getting and keeping healthy requires focus. Patients need to decide what they really want for their future. Do they want to just keep ahead of their disease, going to acupuncturists and traditional doctors when the symptoms get so bad they feel sick because their blood pressure is too high or their sugar levels are off the scale?

It’s time to rethink. Diet and lifestyle choices are not a punishment—they are the golden key to a longer life filled with the pleasures of being healthy—being able to walk, run, swim, dance, play with children and grandchildren, and enjoy holidays discovering new experiences. Who throws away a golden key?

The alternative is being housebound. You can’t move unless someone helps you because your joints are seizing up. You shop online for larger and larger sizes of clothes. Your feet are swollen, and you cough and wheeze when you walk. Who wants a life like that?

Stop sending your body mixed signals: ‘I want to get better,’ ‘I can’t make an effort to change,’ etc.

If you can’t do it on your own, there are plenty of organizations that will help with diet and giving up smoking, drinking, or prescription drugs. Find yourself an organization to get you through this. Then, what the acupuncturist is doing will work so much better because, at last, the body will be free of the toxins you are pouring into it.

“As professionals, we care about our patients, but they also need to care about themselves. This is the most challenging aspect of acupuncture,” concludes Dr Zhou.

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