What To Expect With Your First Appointment


It is not uncommon for first-time visitors of an acupuncture clinic to be nervous because they don’t know what to expect. With the thought that the acupuncturist would insert sterile needles into their body, most times, they assume it would be a painful experience. If you are visiting Zhou Wellness Clinic for acupuncture treatment (moxibustion or cupping), you have absolutely nothing to worry about because we use tip-coated Seirin acupuncture needles to offer painless, stress-free and gentle acupuncture treatment. In short, this Q&A article allays your concerns:


Q: What do I wear on the first day?

We advise that you wear loose clothing for the therapeutic session. In order words, you should wear something that you can easily roll up above your knees and a shirt that folds over your shoulder. You should also put on footwear that is easy to remove because you will be barefooted during the session.

Should I eat something before starting an acupuncture session?

Yes, it is fine to eat ahead of your session. However, endeavor to make it two hours prior to your session. Also, ensure that you don’t come on an empty stomach, avoid something that is likely to upset your stomach and eat small amount of food.

How long does acupuncture sessions last at Zhou Wellness Clinic?

At Zhou Wellness, the duration of our acupuncture sessions depends on the health condition you are being treated for. By and large, our sessions last for more or less 60 minutes. However, the treatment for an ailment could be two treatments per week, depending on the condition you were diagnosed with and its severity.

What will the specialist likely ask me?

We will ask you every relevant question that can potentially affect your treatment. Basically, the acupuncturist will ask questions on your health history in connection with the disease or its symptoms, she will do some physical examinations, and check your tongue and vital signs.

What do I do after the first-time visit?

At the end of the therapeutic session, you should get some rest, keep warm and avoid stressful situations, eat well and drink plenty of water. You should also maintain the treatment plan given to you. Finally, you should pay attention to how you feel.

What shouldn’t I do after an acupuncture session?

You shouldn’t expose yourself to cold temperatures, don’t get a massage, you shouldn’t take caffeine or refined sugar, and don’t take processed food or junk food. Plus, you shouldn’t drive until you feel better and don’t exercise or get into a strenuous activity. Lastly, you shouldn’t take a shower or go swimming for 12 – 24 hours.