What diet will increase fertility?

Dr Zhou has three recommendations for a diet to increase fertility for both men and women – good fats, lean protein and anti-oxidant rich food.  Obviously, if there is a serious condition leading to infertility, then a change of diet, although it may make a person feel energized and healthier isn’t going to solve infertility.

Plant based fats

If you want to get pregnant and there seems to be no progress first consult your  healthcare professional to rule out such things as blocked fallopian tubes, lack of sperm production, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or any other impediments to pregnancy.

Once you have a possible solution – such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), or know what the problem is – such as PCOS, then it’s time to work on the solution.  For a fertility diet Dr Zhou suggests the following:

You should firstly look at the fats you currently consume and swap to plant based fatty items like nuts, seeds and avocado. There’s nothing better than a bowl of smashed avocado with cracked black pepper, salt, and a dash of lemon, together with a handful of cashew nuts and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Or try a bowl of chia seed with yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Then for your oils Dr Zhou suggests  olive and avocado oil. Fish is a good source of omega 3s and should be added to your diet. The caution is to avoid fish with high mercury levels – rather go for young fish like sardine and farmed salmon than older fish such as tuna where mercury levels build up over their lifetime.

Lean Protein

When it comes to protein some chicken is ok, but rather go for fish and eggs as your protein sources in addition to nuts.  Dr Zhou says, “Most clinics do not recommend red meat as a source of fat.” This is because it can lead to anovulation when an egg doesn’t release. You can read more about anovulation in this PubMed study. Beans and nuts are preferred over red meat as a source of protein.


These include leafy greens, fruit, vegetables and herbs. They help repair damaged DNA and increase sperm and egg quality. They also help harness free radicals within your system. Foods rich in anti-oxidants come in many forms and they all have different effects on the body. As each person is a little different to the next person you need the correct superfoods for your body. Do not think that you can eat junk food and then top up on anti-oxidant rich superfoods. It’s like painting over a wall in your home without cleaning it first!

If you aren’t quite sure how to combine the above foods into delicious meals then explore some of the amazing fertility recipes from the blog here that use good oils, lean protein and anti-oxidants in abundance.

If you want to know more about a fertility diet tailor-made to your biological needs, then call the Zhou Wellness Clinic for a consultation. One of our qualified Chinese medicine doctors will formulate a diet specifically for you.