Meet Brandon Grant Martin, our New Massage Therapist, LMT, PTA

Meet Brandon Grant Martin, LMT, PTA, our massage therapist who uses magic fingers to help people hasten up their wellness journey. Brandon, as his friends call him, is a conscientious team player with extreme sensitivity to patients’ needs and wouldn’t bite if you call him that.

Meet Brandon our new team member:

Brandon Grant Martin LMT, PTA

Brandon is a highly motivated man with copious years of experience in treating and rehabilitating patients. He helps people to attain their overall wellness and healing goals; little wonder he currently practices at the Physical Therapy Department of Cleveland Clinic, number one hospital in South Florida. Brandon is well versed in trigger point, myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercise. If you need a physical therapist who treats his patients with completed package, search no further because Brandon specializes in treating people in Cleveland Clinic and only at our private acupuncture clinic in Plantation.

Does going for a walk down the walkway or running along woodlands expedite your recovery? If so, you can trust him to do that with you because he has been an athlete for most of his life and brings the discipline gained from that background to his work and patient care. Charming, experienced, dedicated, athletic and jovial are some of the best ways to describe Brandon – that’s why he stands out in his profession. He is married to a beautiful wife.