Have You Ever Tried Medical Massage?

by Brandon Grant Martin, physical therapist assistant and licensed massage therapist

Have You Ever Tried Medical Massage?

If this is the first time you have heard of medical massage, you may confuse it with therapeutic massage. At our clinic in Plantation, we provide medical massage to improve your results. After reading this article, you will learn all the ways in which medical massage is unique. But first, let me explain what it is.

As the name connotes, medical massage is a massage treatment that helps to resolve medical conditions. The goal of this massage is to produce permanent changes or paraplegia in some cases. Most times, the therapist uses different techniques and procedures to achieve his/her goal, meaning that they use it to treat one medical condition or another. Oftentimes, the session lasts between 30 – 60 minutes. This type of massage is generally recommended by a heath care provider.

Difference between Medical Massage and Therapeutic Massage

The table below gives a brief disparity between the two therapies

Medical MassageTherapeutic Massage
1Treats the muscles, fascia and trigger pointsTreats muscles but not necessarily affect fascia and trigger points
2Helps to address shortened and overstretched musclesPrimarily focuses on addressing shortened muscles
3Helps to sedate or stimulate the musclesMostly incorporated into the entire body
4Lasts between 30 – 60 minutesA session can last for up to 90 minutes
5The specialist depends on the feedback from client or patientAlthough the specialist welcomes patient’s feedback, it is not mandatory

There is a thin line between the two therapies, but as you can see there are important differences. At the end of the session (in both cases), the therapist provides a targeted plan for treatment and recommendations.

How Medical Massage Works

When specialists apply the medical massage therapy, they often use firm pressure and slow strokes to massage deep layers of the muscles and fascia. As you know, the fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles. Therefore, the essence of the therapy is to break up scar tissues and break down muscle adhesions. Muscle adhesions are the rigid or painful knots that we usually feel in our muscles. When you have these knots, they usually impede our circulation and cause pain and inflammation. Once you start the treatment, you will notice that the specialist usually kicks off with lighter pressure. As the session progresses, the specialist now applies deeper pressure to achieve the desired goal.

During your medical massage in Plantation, the therapist tailors it to your needs, depending on the areas of concern. Therefore, it is very important that you explain to the specialist what your goals are. Sometimes, a doctor can recommend you seek out a medical massage. Therefore, it is helpful to tell the therapist why the doctor said so. Also, mention your area of concern and a timeline of when this issue started. The specialist may review your medical history before starting the session. While the session is on, the specialist may play soft music in the room just like they do in other massage therapies. However, the specialist won’t massage your entire body in this case. Instead, the focus should be your area of concern. However, the therapist may also decide to include some additional muscle groups to get the desired result. More importantly, I advise you to schedule a 60-minute session when you go for a medical massage.

Benefits of Medical Massage

Why you should get this type of massage therapy:

  1. Relieves stress: First, one of the benefits of getting this massage is that it helps relieve your stress. Whether your source of stress is home or work, going for this massage helps you to unplug and relax for an extended period of time. The reason is that it lowers your cortisol levels and increases your levels of oxytocin. Cortisol is a hormone that helps to regulate your body’s response to stress and oxytocin is a hormone that helps the body relax as it produces soothing effects.
  2. Relieves pain: Also, medical massage can help you relieve the pain. It can help with chronic pain in the lower back, plantar fasciitis, stick neck and fibromyalgia. Not to mention that this therapy also helps with muscle tension that often comes with chronic pain.
  3. Lowers blood pressure and heart rate: Just like a domino effect, stress and tension adversely affect the blood pressure. Luckily, this therapy helps to correct the anomaly because it also relieves stress and tension. Medical massages positively affect systolic, diastolic and arterial blood pressure. Therefore, the massage increases the production of serotonin, which is a “feel good” hormone.
  4. Treats injured muscles: If you like to keep active, a medical massage can help to stretch your tight or twisted muscles and enhance the movement of toxins around the muscle. Also, if you have sports injuries, this is the kind of massage therapy you need. Most times, you see athletes incorporate this massage in their treatment plan because it effectively delays muscle soreness, helps rejuvenate fatigued muscles, and averts injuries.
  5. Reduces arthritis symptoms: The common symptoms of arthritis are pain, stiffness, limited range of motion in joints, and amnesia. The good news is that when you continuously use this therapy, you notice that those symptoms gradually disappeared. With just moderate pressure, you can reduce arthritic pain and tension. After the recommended treatments, you will see that you can now move around more easily. Arthritis Pain also keeps sufferers up at night, when others are fast asleep. This therapy will help you to relieve the pain, so you can have a well-deserved night’s sleep.
  6. Helps with labor-induced pain: Well, you may not know that a medical massage helps pregnant women control labor-induced pain. Even before you go into labor, it is advisable to get this therapy because it promotes relaxation and eases pregnancy-related tight muscles. It can also lower depression, anxiety, leg and back pains among pregnant women. As a pregnant woman, this therapy is a must-try.
  7. Breaks up scar tissues: The most common symptoms of scar tissues are chronic pain and stiffness. However, a medical massage, helps break up the scar tissue by improving lymphatic circulation and drainage to the flexibility and motion in the area of the scar tissue. So when recovering from surgery, your doctor may encourage you to go for this massage because of the its positive affect on scar tissues.

Where Can I Get the Medical Therapy?

If you are looking for medical massage in Plantation, Davie, or the Fort Lauderdale area, please reach out to us! At this point, you now know why you need this treatment today. So, if you live in South Florida, you can get the medical massage from Zhou Wellness Clinic. Once again, I am Brandon Grant Martin, a physical therapist assistant and licensed massage therapist with many years’ experience in the health and wellness industry. You can call us on 754 755 8088 to schedule a session with us or visit Zhou Wellness Clinic at 7469 NW 4th Street, Plantation, FL 33317.

Rest assured that this therapy works because I have personally used it to treat a number of medical conditions over the years. It goes without saying that there are several studies in the public domain that attest to its efficacy. So, all you have to do is call the number or make your way to our clinic so we can discuss how we can help you. Finally, you know what they say: health is wealth, so I look forward to seeing or hearing from you!