How to optimize your ovaries and uterus before IVF

How to optimize your ovaries and uterus before IVF

Preparing for an IVF baby is like preparing for any event – you want to be in tip-top shape and give the child you plan to conceive the best chance in life.

There are three ways acupuncture can help a person have a better chance of successful before undergoing IVF treatment:

  1. The use of acupuncture needles restores the energy flow within the body, which may have become blocked due to various factors – stress and lifestyle are often cited as problems contributing to low fertility, as is aging.
  2. Once the energy flow is restored naturally, the blood flow improves, and a steady supply means your organs, including the uterine lining, are receiving the nourishment they need to be effective.
  3. A thicker uterine lining is necessary for successful implantation to occur. Acupuncture works on the central sympathetic nervous system, and by slowing things down, the blood vessels have more chance to dilate correctly and release the nutrient-rich blood to the uterus and ovaries.

Reduced stress increases the chance of success

Fertility treatment is stressful because it is expensive, and there is pressure to ensure that it is successful. IVF, is often preceded years of worrying about why the baby you so desperately want to cherish and hold is not making an appearance. There are the “Is it me or is it my partner?” thoughts, the pressure from parents for a grandchild, and society’s implicit expectations.

Now, acupuncture can help by relaxing a person before the IVF procedure so you are more receptive. When the acupuncture needles are inserted, the body responds by releasing endorphins – natural painkillers that enhance your mood. After an acupuncture session, you will feel relaxed – the breath has slowed, the muscles feel relaxed, and the mind is calm.

Does acupuncture increase the success rate of having a baby with IVF?

Several studies indicate that a series of treatments before the IVF treatment has a higher success rate than just one acupuncture treatment before the procedure.

Simply because one study cited in this article indicated that one treatment around 25 minutes before embryo transfer was better than no acupuncture, one shouldn’t assume just one treatment is enough.

Researchers have postulated that it may take some time for the body to release stress rather than going with one treatment before the embryo transfers to the uterus. Women who had more acupuncture sessions increased their chances of success, according to a meta-analysis cited in this article that examined twenty-seven studies involving a total of 6116 participants.

When previous IVF has failed, acupuncture can help

The researchers did point out that their analysis found that IVF outcomes among women with a history of unsuccessful IVF attempts benefitted from acupuncture, and the number of acupuncture treatments was a potential influential factor. They mentioned that the actual points stimulated varied from person to person depending on the acupuncture doctor’s assessment of what was correct for the client.

Steps to obtain a successful IVF outcome 

Although the optimum age for women to undergo successful IVF is between the ages of 24 and 35 when a woman is at her reproductive peak, many women over 40 have undergone successful IVF treatment.

To stand a better chance of success, you should do everything possible to ensure a healthy, stress-free lifestyle before the embryo transfer occurs. Exercise, nutrition, and supplements all play a part.

  1. What supplements should I be taking?

Take supplements before the egg is harvested, as you want the healthiest eggs. Folic acid is included in the supplements as this reduces the risk of spina bifida in the baby. Supplements contain anti-oxidants to build docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) levels and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – long-chain Omega 3 acids. Vitamin D is also recommended.

  1. Should I change my diet?

Don’t go making substantial dietary changes before IVF – like going vegan or gluten-free. You don’t want to send your body into shock. The Mediterranean diet is often recommended.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid red meat and choose chicken and fish instead.
  • Eat your fill of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Pick whole grains, like quinoa.
  • Remember to eat legumes like chickpeas, lentils, and fresh green beans.
  • Dairy products should be low-fat.
  • Choose healthy fats like avocado and extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Snack on nuts and seeds.
  • Avoid sugar and highly processed foods and carbs like pasta and wheat flour.
  • Reduce salt, rely instead on herbs and spices for flavoring.

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  1. What exercise is safe?

Choose exercises like swimming, walking, and yoga rather than HIT routines, running, and cycling when undergoing IVF. Swimming burns plenty of calories and is easy on muscles and joints.

The medical professionals doing the IVF treatment will tell you exactly what to expect at each stage. However, you can get a head start by putting your diet and exercise routines in place and ensuring you have the correct supplements. Then, complete a series of acupuncture treatments to ensure your ovaries and uterus are in excellent condition – all ready for the happy event you have been so looking forward to. Zhou Wellness will be happy to schedule an appointment with our doctor who specializes in acupuncture for IVF.