Disadvantages of Acupuncture

Disadvantages of Acupuncture

You’ll be surprised at these disadvantages of acupuncture no one told you about.


#1. Your acupuncture doctor may have to gently wake you up after a session.

The thin needles are relatively painless to insert, and once they start working, you are going to feel very relaxed and s-l-e-e-p-y. This means that your session may end up being a deliciously relaxing nap until you feel a touch on your shoulder and a voice telling you that your session is over. Oh well, it’s time to take on the world again! After all, the acupuncturist’s rooms are not a vacay stay. Now, have you ever had to be woken up from a regular GP visit.?

#2. Your friends are going to be jealous.

While they are going off to regular doctors for their repeat medication scripts for various ailments and perhaps getting a jab from a big fat needle, you are swanning around looking relaxed and zen and claiming that your sessions are so relaxing and that you have great digestion, are losing weight and your aches and pains are gone. They will not like that – especially if you keep the name and number of your acupuncture doctor to yourself, claiming that, “Oh, they’re booked out for ages…. it’s virtually impossible to get an appointment,” simply because you don’t want to share. Come on, play nice, and share the details!

#3. Pharmacists will hate you.

When you drop in, and you don’t need a repeat script, big pharma is losing out on medications you would probably have been told you need to take for the rest of your life. Once your body is balanced with the flow of Qi (Chi) restored and no blockages in your lymphatic system, you probably won’t need those multiple blister packs of pills. Heigh-ho, out they go – remember to dispose of unused meds correctly and recycle empty blister packs.

#4. Plastic manufacturing companies are going to be mad

Sales will be dropping as you won’t need the multiple pill bottles and the Monday to Sunday boxes to remind you of what pills to take and when. All those containers can be recycled responsibly, and you can then venture forth armed with your dietary recommendations from your acupuncture doctor that involve delicious and colorful fresh seasonal produce. Your acupuncture doctor will draw up a diet for health personalized to your body’s precise needs. Boy, are those plastics companies going to be losing out!

#5. You’re probably going to be spending a lot.

No, not on the acupuncture sessions – those are reasonable, but when you have been for treatment to help get pregnant, kids can cost a lot. It’s natural to want to buy all the cute outfits and toys and indulge in birthday parties with fairy and unicorn or dragon and superhero themes. Hey, life is for living, so why not make the kids’ childhoods memorable?

I hope you enjoyed this light-hearted blog post, but remember if you have a serious condition, you should consult your healthcare professional before heading off to an acupuncturist for a course of treatment. Studies show that acupuncture can be helpful for many conditions, but why wait to get ill?

If you feel like your fast-paced, stressful life is taking its toll, make an appointment with your acupuncturist to reset your life energy, as they will unblock meridians to make you feel way more energized. In fact you will be unstoppable.