Cosmetic Acupuncture for Puffy Eyes: A Holistic Approach 

By Alyssa Parker

Cosmetic Acupuncture for Puffy Eyes: A Holistic Approach 

 When I started noticing I had puffy eyes, I was horrified. They made me look older and tired, and that just wasn’t me. What could be wrong? I decided I needed to flush my kidneys by drinking more water. I also rushed off to get some eye cream to reduce the puffiness, but the problem wasn’t going away. I decided I needed some extra help, so I looked into cosmetic acupuncture as a natural and holistic approach to reducing puffiness and improving the overall appearance of my face.

Does Acupuncture for Puffy Eyes Hurt?

 Of course, the first thought that arose was, “Needles near my eyes – how much is this going to hurt?” I decided to do a bit of research before booking an appointment. I read that acupuncture stimulates specific points in the body that correspond to different organs and systems. For puffy eyes, the acupuncturist will not only focus on points around the eyes but also on the face, neck, and body to help improve circulation and reduce the puffy eye look. I also read that acupuncture needles are very thin and flexible, and most people feel little to no discomfort during treatment. Well, that was reassuring. I decided to check with a friend who has had several acupuncture treatments. She said she found acupuncture to be quite relaxing and enjoyable. She likened it to having a massage. Hmm… it sounded like a definite possibility. So, I booked my first appointment.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

 I was interested to know what sparked my condition. The acupuncturist, Dr. Huang, explained that various factors could be to blame, such as lack of sleep, dehydration, allergies, sinus problems, hormonal changes, and even aging. Thyroid problems or kidney disease could even be factors. Well, I’m still young, and I definitely wasn’t anywhere near menopause, so I ruled that one out, but she did advise I see a Western medical doctor to check thyroid and kidney function to make sure there weren’t any underlying medical problems.

 How Many Treatments Are Needed?

My next question was about the number of treatments needed. The TCM doctor didn’t answer that one immediately, saying she would return to that question but needed to do a few checks on me first.

She explained that acupuncture is a holistic approach that helps balance the body’s energy (or Qi) flow.

She asked me about my diet, sleep patterns, and whether I was stressed. I was doing a lot of late-night work on songwriting. I wasn’t the healthiest eater, grabbing a packet of chocolate chip cookies and plenty of coffee to keep me going through the night. Then, lines for lyrics would pop through my head after I had climbed into bed, and then I’d have to grab my notebook and write them down before they disappeared. And yes, I was stressed – trying to make it as a singer-songwriter while holding down my day job that paid the bills.

As I listened to her explanations, I was thinking, “This is going to involve a lot of changes – healthier eating, better sleep, and trying not to get so stressed” … but I certainly didn’t want to have to go on stage with puffy eyes, so I listened carefully.

The number of treatments needed for my puffy eyes fell into the usual range of 10-12, usually scheduled once or twice a week, with each session lasting about 60 minutes. That meant I could expect to get my face back to normal in six to ten weeks – no more puffy eyes!

 The Holistic Approach

 Dr. Huang did warn me that in Chinese medicine, the body is viewed as a whole system, with each part interconnected and affecting the others. She did recommend dietary changes and herbal remedies to support my treatment and improve my overall health. So out the window with the chocolate chip cookies and coffee, and in with herbal teas and snacks. Looking back after completing my treatment, keeping to the herbal teas, fresh fruit, and vegetable snacks made me feel way brighter anyway.

Was it effective?

 In my case, it definitely was, but you can’t just go for the treatments and then go back to bad habits once your puffy eyes disappear; otherwise, the problem will reappear.

I learned that alcohol, coffee, and sugary drinks are dehydrating. I have cut back on the coffee and alcohol and drink a big glass of water if I have a coffee or a glass of wine. It’s the one-for-one rule. I cut out sugary drinks entirely, choosing water flavored with fresh cucumber, lemon, or apple slices. Sometimes, I use blueberries, sliced strawberries, or watermelon. I make a big pitcher and keep it near me when I work.

My eyes are no longer puffy; I sleep better and have a clearer mind. I seem more inspired, so the day job and the songwriting are swinging along just fine… and I’m more relaxed, even though I’m busy recording my first album.