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About me

My name is Dongfeng Zhou, a licensed Acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine. Well, I would like to briefly walk you through what acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine mean where I grew up. You see, I was fortunately born and raised in a family of traditional medicine in the small village of Hakka in the mountainous part of southern China. My family had two healers: My mother and uncle.

Hi there,

Growing up, my mother was a midwife, while my uncle was a doctor who ran a small clinic. A mother of eight, Mom apprenticed under my great aunt and then became a midwife at 32. She provided local postnatal and prenatal services, such as prenatal nutrition, baby birth, postpartum lactation, etc. From 1976 through 2006, my mother was the leading women’s health care provider in my locality. Interestingly, all her services were provided at no cost because she was passionate about saving lives and also had compassion for Hakka women.

On the other hand, my uncle was a reputable “barefoot” doctor who provided low-cost health services. His services ranged from herbs to basic antibiotics, acupuncture to injections, etc. The entire village relied on my mother and uncle for first-line health service delivery because it was isolated and the nearest hospital was at least 15 miles away. Our village had everything that upcoming practitioners needed to excel in TCM. I watched my mother and uncle practice every day. Indeed, I was fascinated with the magic of traditional Chinese medicine. My mother taught me all the native herbs in the mountain. In fact, we hand-picked, processed, and prescribed them year in, year out. In a similar vein, my uncle showed me lots of acupuncture techniques for treating headache and wound. At this point, I learned the first lesson of holistic medicine through the gracious Mother Nature.

With my never-ending passion for TCM, I changed my career direction from business to TCM in Guangzhou, China at 24. Afterward, I finished my basic training at the First TCM University of Guangzhou in 2006. It was there I started my systematic study of the basic theory of TCM and ancient classical medicine books. My love for the Chinese medicine continued after I moved to United State in 2008. Later, I earned my license as an acupuncture physician and was awarded the Doctoral Degree of Oriental medicine. Given my wealth of experience in Chinese medicine, I have the honor of helping to heal many people. When it comes to my unique acupuncture skills and ethics, I give my mother the credit for training and coaching me.

For a sneak peek into my world, I enjoy exploring my culinary skills, cooking healthy foods for my friends and family. It goes without saying that I bring my TCM knowledge to my cooking, ensuring that I create an excellent balance between taste and texture. In truth, introducing my TCM knowledge optimizes the content of meals and harmonizes its seasoning for improved health benefits. Here’s my little secret: I love pets! So, my dog, Bagel boy, is always around to keep me company. Most times, I enjoy walking barefoot with him around in the woods. Given my entrenched belief in nature, I am deeply rooted in mindfulness. Plus, to be that total woman I have always hoped to be since I was a little girl, I meditate daily. How can I even forget to mention that I am a big fan of the Japanese flower arrangement known as Ikebana? Yes, I love growing beautiful gardens full of tropical plants. My story is incomplete without saying that my connection with Mother Earth helps maintain my full consciousness.

In addition, she finished her doctoral degree for acupuncture and oriental medicine (DAOM) with high honor.

In 2005, Dr. Zhou began her pursuit in Oriental Medicine at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, studying Tui Na and acupuncture. She was privileged to spend a year interning with Dr. Deng Minning, a well-known master of both acupuncture and Tui Na at the Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Her studies formed a solid foundation in Oriental Medicine and increased her passion for natural health and wellness.

During her time at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM), she interned with several  mentor who are experts in herbal medicine and acupuncture. While there, she gained knowledge and experience in treating women’s health issues, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, emotional and mental challenges, digestive problems, cardiovascular issues, and overall health and well-being.

Dr. Zhou personal healing with acupuncture and herbal medicine helped her overcome long-standing gynecological issues. She is an empathetic practitioner as she helps women facing gynecologic or fertility issues. She implements the most effective and least invasive methods to holistically treat her patients and give them the best result. She took  her passion for women’s health further, by specialized her dissertation research paper, in the filed of Acupuncture and Assisted Reproductive Medicine.

With a solid background in pain management, primary care, nutrition, and fitness, Dr. Zhou dedicates herself to her patients’ health and welfare with acupuncture and herbs, along with other proven techniques.

I am  looking forward to connect with you in person, to share and learn from each other, to explore what total health has to offer.