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As a little girl growing up in Southern China, Dr. Yanmin, as she is fondly called, was passionate about using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to bring about the change she sought. At the time, she was fascinated by the number of patients that East Asian medicine would treat without these patients complaining of any side effects several years after the treatment.

In an effort to actualize her dream, she studied and interned at Fujian University of Chinese Medicine in 2003. At the end of her training, she would practice TCM in a big hospital in China for more than three years.
In 2008, she moved to the United States. Upon relocating to the US, she studied TCM at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Fort Lauderdale in 2010. For over 15 years, Dr. Yanmin has been practicing and conducting extensive research into Chinese medicine. It goes without mentioning that this gentle, kind-hearted amazon has treated countless ailments over the years. That’s because she is passionate about herbal medicine, women’s health, facial rejuvenation, weight loss, smoke cessation, injection therapy, and pain management. In a nutshell, Dr. Yanmin has used her top-notch bilingual skills in Mandarin and English languages to deepen her research and knowledge of her profession. Delving deeper into her personal life, Dr. Yanmin loves cooking and is a proud mother of two adorable kids. She always says that it is an absolute delight to turn her passion into a profession with enormous prospects around the world. She also finds it fulfilling when her female patients get back to her with great news, telling her that they have conceived after several years of failed IVF attempts. Without mincing words, Dr. Yanmin is bringing to our team her in-depth knowledge and vast experience in Chinese medicine.