Is Acupuncture a Slow Healing Process?

Dr Zhou, an expert in Chinese Traditional Medicine and acupuncture, corrects a common misconception. “Many people are concerned that they will need a large number of acupuncture treatments, seeing as there is no Western medicine given and there are no Western surgical interventions with acupuncture.

Contrary to the belief that acupuncture is acupuncture work slowly, the results can often be seen relatively fast, providing reassurance and confidence in its immediate benefits.”

Dr Zhou shares a remarkable success story. She treated a woman for a sinus headache and other allergy issues. After the appointment, the patient mentioned that her next stop was to pick up Zyrtec, the allergy medication she had been taking for years. At the next appointment, the client mentioned that the medication had not been necessary for a whole week after her first acupuncture treatment. Then, after her second session, she reported that there was so little residue she was able to discontinue the use of the medication. This inspiring journey showcases the immediate benefits of acupuncture.

So, is it true that acupuncture is considered a slow-acting healing method? “Actually not,” says Dr. Zhou. Sometimes, the results can be quite fast, as in the case of the patient with sinus-related issues.”

Dr. Zhou went on to mention another case, this time related to how acupuncture could successfully treat certain patients with elevated blood sugar levels related to diabetes.  Dr. Ma is a partner at the Zhou Wellness Clinic, where a patient with insulin resistance was co-seen by Dr. Zhou and Dr. Ma. “Dr Ma is very good with glucose levels and insulin-resistant cases,” says Dr Zhou.

Before the treatment, Dr. Ma checked the patient’s blood sugar level. When Dr. Ma checked the blood sugar level after the treatment, it had dropped around 20 points. Dr. Zhou explains that if you come in with a borderline level of, say, 111 and the level drops to 90, you fall within the normal range and will not need to live on medication, provided you can keep to those levels.

Dr Zhou and her partners at Zhou Wellness all have extensive experience in using acupuncture for fast relief in the following categories:

  • Acute migraine headache
  • Sinus headache
  • Viral or cold infection
  • Acute neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Acute lumbar pain
  • Acute menstrual cycle pain
  • Spike in glucose levels
  • Acute gastrointestinal issues
  • Chronic IBS pain.


Acupuncture, in many cases, not only provides fast relief from symptoms but also plays a crucial role in assisting your body to rebuild its functions, ensuring a healthy recovery and a better quality of life. Schedule your visit today.