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10 Tips for Healthy Living in 2023

If you can read this article, it means you made it into 2023! Yay!!! Congratulations! Over the years, you probably picked up some harmful habits. Funnily enough, you may be aware that your lifestyle harms your health, but you don’t seem to give a hoot because you enjoy it or are addicted to it. Buddy, this is a New Year, so it is time to turn a new leaf. Let this year usher in a new YOU. The chances are that you have already drawn your New-Year-resolution list before reading this piece. Make no mistake, your New Year’s resolutions are incomplete if you still believe that old harmful habits die hard. So, it is time to kick them and embrace the 10 tips for healthy living that I am about to share with you in this guide.

10 Tips for Healthy Living in 2023

To live a much richer and healthier life this year, you must embrace these lifestyle changes:

  1. Get more exercise: Running, walking, swimming, and jogging are all forms of exercise. Now, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of daily moderate physical activity. If you can do more than that, awesome! Sure, you need daily exercise to help manage your weight, strengthen your muscle, improve your brain function, etc.
  2. Lower Sitting and Screen time: Truly, exercise helps, but it cannot immunize you from sedentary time if your job requires you to sit behind the computer and work all day. If you fall into that group, you risk developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, you should take breaks and take a walk around the room.
  3. Go for an acupuncture session: If you haven’t tried acupuncture before, you should do that this 2023! I bet you will enjoy it. No, you don’t necessarily wait to fall sick before getting the traditional therapy. Remember, it eases stress and discomfort, helps you to relax, improves mental clarity, lowers your disease risk, and relieves your pain. Go for an acupuncture session once every day.
  4. Try meditation: No, I cannot emphasize it enough – meditation helps to reduce negative energy, increase patience and tolerance, and increase awareness. It also manages mental stress, improves sleep quality, enhances creativity, and lowers blood pressure. It is time to stop dillydallying and start meditating. Lest I forget, all these benefits should be enough to spur you to start practicing meditation today!
  5. Eat a balanced diet: A balanced diet contains various nutrients in adequate amounts that promote healthy living. Keep carbs low, and eat more fiber (avocados, whole grains, strawberries, apples, etc.) and protein (beans, fish, eggs, and pulses). By and large, eat fruits and veggies, do dairy alternatives (like soya drinks), eat unsaturated oils in small amounts, and drink plenty of water every day. Plan your meals and focus on their nutrients while at it.
  6. Quit smoking: Over the years, one of the bad habits you picked up could be smoking. Yes, you are on cloud nine whenever you smoke! Unfortunately, it is a silent killer! That’s because it causes cancer, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Smoking also increases the risk of eye diseases, immune system problems, tuberculosis, etc. Therefore, you need to kick that smoking habit because many people have kicked the bucket from it!
  7. Take moderate booze: Also, I strongly advise males to moderate their alcohol intake to 2 drinks a day and less than one bottle a day for females. What’s more, if you can stop drinking this New Year, perfect! Remember, nobody dies because they don’t drink alcohol! But when you drink more than necessary, you may have high blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, cancer (of the colon, rectum, breast, liver, throat, etc.), and digestive problems.
  8. Get enough sleep: We all know the benefits of getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, many people find it pretty tough to get adequate sleep due to the nature of their jobs. For a quick reminder, you need good sleep so your brain can function well, reduce disease risk, and keep your weight under control. Although health experts recommend a certain amount of bedtime for different age brackets, ensure you don’t sleep less than 7 hours every 24 hours.
  9. Quit caffeine intake: Known among health experts as 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant in energy drinks and beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda. It dissolves in water and fat molecules. In truth, it is almost impossible to tell an American to stop drinking early-morning coffee and tea. Nonetheless, you have to minimize them because they contain caffeine. Yes, medical scientists have linked caffeine to poor sleep, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and infertility.
  10. Try alternative medicine: To be honest, sometimes, we cannot completely eliminate diseases from our lives. Well, this year allows us to try new things. So, why not try traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) techniques? The good thing is, they are painless and have no side effects. Have you ever heard of cupping therapy, Gua Sha, and moxibustion? These are TCM techniques worth giving a shot.

Final Thoughts  

For a moment, think! What if you don’t have to spend weeks or months in a hospital bed? What if you could live like every other healthy person and enjoy 2023 to the fullest? You see, when you are in the hospital, a speedy recovery is the only thing that matters. Everything else is on hold. You rarely think about working hard to make money or chasing your lifelong ambitions. Nevertheless, you can avert all that, if you embrace these 10 tips for healthy living this 2023. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Indeed, you can only prevent certain diseases by living a healthy lifestyle as I have explained in this lifesaving guide. Healthy living is no rocket science; you just need a few lifestyle changes! Don’t procrastinate – start now in order to have a healthy and prosperous 2023!