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Authentic Acupuncture

Dongfeng Zhou

Authentic Acupuncture

Dongfeng Zhou

Authentic Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the insertion of thin filiform needles into acupoints or trigger points in the body to produce a desired effect. These needles help reduce inflammation and pain, increase circulation, and help regulate body functions. In addition, the body releases endorphins in response to acupuncture, which relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

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We never started our business with dreams of it becoming what it is today. We just pursued what we loved and paid attention to how our passion and our purpose could be intertwined.


Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life. However, knowing what to eat can be very confusing! Dr. Zhou can help patients choose the right foods for their body and which helps treat the problem or symptom they are having. Facebook posts of healthy, creative meals encourage patients to make good choices that are delicious and nutritious.


Herbs help treat the root of a person's health problem as well as symptoms. If acupuncture treats from the outside-in, herbs treat a person from the inside-out. Herbal formulas are tailored to an individual, and they are balanced to minimize side effects.They are a cost-effective way to enhance acupuncture treatments and extend therapeutic effects.

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Cupping therapy helps relieve pain, increases circulation to the tissues, and releases toxins, inflammation, and injury from deep in the body to the surface. This can be done with glass "fire" cupping or plastic cups with suction. Once at the surface, the toxins are broken down and circulated away from the tissue. It also releases endorphins, and most patients find it very relaxing.

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